About By Mai

Marked by intricate patterns, delicate shapes and colorful stones, By Mai's pieces reflect a quiet luminescence and signature grace. Each piece is handcrafted using precious metals and authentic gemstones. The pieces pronounce a distinct sense of warmth and character, much like the women who wear them.







A Little Bit About Me...

I have made a life out of aesthetic invention. Leaving no craftsmen's stone unturned, my portfolio brims with accomplishment born out of button, ribbon and scissor - flour, sugar and spoon. Having been enlisted as a print designer, painter and cupcake maker, all by happy accident, my unwavering focus and attention to detail naturally led me to my fervor for jewelry design. My aspiration and inspiration stems from the peak of Kilimanjaro, which I climbed in 2004 to the middle of the Atlantic, which I sailed across in 2007. This inherent spirit of adventure, romanticism and multiculturalism colors my work with a fresh spin on femininity and a gentle reinterpretation of nature, fashion and form.

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